Monday, December 14, 2009

Merry RetroChristmas

The Christmas card, forty-five years ago. Then the Christmas card forty-two years ago.
Isn't nostalgia a hoot?


Secondary Roads said...

Love those smiles, and yes, it is a hoot. I enjoy going over old photos -- especially of our boys.

Silver said...

Beautiful people!


Lin said...

Hey! Where'd that baby come from???! LOL!

Cute, Vanilla! Love the retro Vanilla.

vanilla said...

Chuck: We were a happy bunch. Probably be more old pix showing up here.

Andrea: Thanks. And to think, all four of those kids are grandparents now.

Silver: Well, genetics you know. ;)

Lin: Yeah. Truly, we knew how this happened. I mean, nutsy as it sounds, we wanted a bunch of kids. Got four.