Saturday, May 25, 2019

Big Hotel and Boil Water Order

BBBH and I took a three-day two night excursion to Southern Illinois.  We drove across some 250 miles of prime Indiana-Illinois farmland.  We saw a handful of fields that have been prepped, zero that have been planted and this two weeks past the target day.  Pray for some dry weather for Midwest farmers.

We checked into our hotel in Mt. Vernon and thus our adventure began.  We contacted the spouse's 94 year old brother and he and his son met us for dinner in a nearby restaurant after which we all repaired to the hotel lobby and shot the breeze until this scribe was exhausted.  Good memories, debatable memories and so forth.

The following day BBBH and I cruised her "stomping grounds" (her words) while she detailed the
ancient days in which she grew up.  We located the corner where her parents lived at the time she was born but were not sure we had identified the house, though the brother asserts that it is still there. (We did not drag him out of bed to guide us on the tour.)

 Ugliest cat I ever saw.  This at BBBH's favorite junk shop.
She always buys something when we stop there.

Anyway.  Met again in the lobby the second evening and the breeze having been shot the previous day, we shot the bull.  My words.  They assert that their memories are true and accurate.  Perhaps.

Now on Friday morning we were advised that the entire city was under a boil order/conserve advisory due to a major water leak somewhere.  They finally found it We were advised that there might be 14 to sixteen hours water left in the towers.  Boil and conserve.  Well, the hotel provided bottled water for the few guests who had already arranged for a Friday night stay and started turning people away as they arrived.  When we went out for dinner that evening we found most restaurants closed so we wound up with chicken salad and a loaf of bread from Kroger.

By Saturday morning the leak had been repaired and samples had been sent to the lab but the boil order remained in effect because they did not expect test results back until Monday morning.  We packed up and got out of Dodge.  Or Mt. Vernon or whatever.  Adventure.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Until Then

Is this blog dead?  Well you might ask, for I seem to post infrequently.  I ran this site on a near-daily basis for about nine years, slowed down a good bit in the tenth and now it looks as though it is coasting to a stop.

A few years ago I wrote a piece on blogs that lie dormant.  The questions I addressed were

  1. Why does this blog lie dormant?

  2. Why did this person try blogging in the first place?

  3.  Did this blogger cave to some other social medium?

I have written several drafts from time to time saying "goodbye" to the blogosphere.  Never posted any of them.  Now I find that though I don't use the space much I don't really want to abandon it permanently.

So, Dear Readers, I have appreciated your support, and should the "juices" start flowing again (you may think "sap rising") something new might appear here.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Visit with a Centennarian

Five years ago I related the account of our visit with Bessie Hart on the occasion of her 95th birthday.  Today we attended a party in celebration of her 100th birthday.  She is still alert in recall and conversation and a joy to visit.

This is part of her family who were in attendance (I didn't get quite everyone in this shot).  The lady to Bessie's left is her 97-year old sister Elizabeth who walked around and "worked the room."  The white haired gentleman in the jacket and red turtle neck is her son, Les, who practiced medicine here in Tipton for several years.

Good memories, good times.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Wallpaper for the Bedroom

I bought two items at CVS today. My Beautiful Beloved is 5' 4" tall. The receipt was-- you guessed it-- 64 inches long.
Purchase: $20
Ridiculosity: Priceless

 Image may contain: one or more people and people standing

Monday, March 25, 2019

Feeling Grouchy

"How does that make you feel?"

How many times have you heard that recently? And in what contexts?

Rant alert.

The question might be appropriate in certain settings, as in therapist to patient.  I can't think of another right off hand.  I am hearing the question all too frequently in too many situations where the answer to the question is neither useful nor desirable.  For example, the tv news "reporter" in the field asks the next door neighbor, "What did you see?"  (Fair enough.)  Neighbor replies, "I din't actually see nothin', but I heard the gunshots."  "How many did you hear?"  (Also fair.)  "Three, no four, yeah, I think it  was four."  "Had you heard that the man died?  "How does that make you feel?"
What has that to do with the facts of the case?  Who cares?  Shut up, already.


Saturday, March 23, 2019

No Kidding

I play a certain word game online.  The price I pay for it is the ten or fifteen second commercial that interrupts the play every ten minutes or so.  Frequently the pitch is for the Audi Q7.  This is wrong on several levels.

The very idea that I would drop sixty grand for an auto is absurd on its face.  Then the clip ends with a distinctively farting sound followed by poot-poot.  You decide.

The redeeming feature is a young woman archer who raises her bow, sights and releases her missile.  Sweet release, she is good.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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Saturday, March 16, 2019

An Evening with the Artist

Last evening our local church hosted the Spring dinner for the district Senior Adult Ministries.  We were privileged to have Gary Varvel as our speaker.  Gary recently retired from his forty year gig as an editorial cartoonist.  His last twenty-four years were with the Indianapolis Star and his work was syndicated in newspapers and magazines nationwide.

Varvel told the story of his journey to living his dream, giving full credit to the leadership of God in his life.  He shared three dozen or so cartoons on the "big screen" and showed the trailers for three of the films that he is involved in through House of Grace Films.

This cartoon demonstrates the dream that Gary plans to live in his retirement from the pressure cooker of the newspaper world.  His intent is to spend his life sowing the seed of the gospel as the cartoon illustrates.

It was a very entertaining and worth-while evening.

Thursday, March 14, 2019


Can it be? Has Spring arrived at long last?

We shall see what we shall see.  Meanwhile,
enjoy this little harbinger of Spring.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Rest in Jesus, Not in the Pew

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, 
that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.  Romans 12:2

A Canadian blogger, a life-long Seventh Day Adventist, told of  two older people who were brought up in the church, one who was still faithful to the denomination, one who left.  The latter said, We are happy with our decision to leave; we find great blessing in attending the Anglican Church.  The other responded, You are happy belonging to the Anglican Church because it doesn't demand anything of you-- it's a comfortable pew.

The phrase "a comfortable pew" suggests that some people want the benefits of belonging to a church body, but do not want to be inconvenienced with any requirements, any restrictions that might become onerous in any way.

I grew up in a church that imposed rules for living on its membership.  Some of those regulations perhaps more restrictive than even Jesus himself would have asked.  (Or perhaps not:  He asks our all.)  But the point is that in following the guidelines we were reminded that sailing too close to the world entailed the danger of capsizing in the sea of sin and degradation, resulting ultimately in the loss of our souls.

I believe that in its attempt to reach out to the lost the church today in its effort to be "seeker friendly" is in danger of capsizing herself, for we are taught in scripture that we are to come out of the world and be separate from it (2 Corinthians 6:17); to be not conformed to the world but to be transformed (Romans 12:2)

To seek salvation is a good thing.  Jesus himself said, "Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, and all these things shall be added unto you."  (Matthew 6:33)  This suggests that it is not a comfortable pew we should seek, but rather the Kingdom of heaven and all that that entails.  A comfortable pew does not give spiritual rest, Jesus does.  "Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest." (Matthew 11:28)  It's in The Book.

Besides, Jesus said all who labor, not all who sit in a comfortable pew.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

La Gata

My sister has a cat, a very pretty cat, long slender neck and graceful moves.  Cookie is a refugee from Hurricane Maria which devastated Puerto Rico in September 2017.  It is reported that the cat seems grateful for the largess bestowed upon her, but she does not reciprocate with any kind of overt demonstration of affection. The following is a middle-of-the night creation I "dreamed up" and sent to Ilene a few weeks ago.

I dreamed last night about a cat named Cookie.
I was visiting my sister in the Garden State
Resting peacefully in her guest room
The door a bit ajar; I don't want to fumble with knobs
In the middle of the night.

Somewhere in the wee hours I heard a gentle tap on my door
"David,"  Ilene whispered, "I can't find my cat."
"Don't panic," I replied.  "Flip on the night light."
"The cat's been sleeping with me for the past three nights."
"NO!" the glare of the overhead light hit my sleepy eyes.

Ilene stood, amazed, appalled, moved  toward the bed.
Cat like a flash crawled deep down next to my feet.
"Let her be," I said.  But I could see that Sis was crushed.
"She's okay.  We'll talk in the morning.
"Nice Cookie." I crooned. " La Gata, Senora Gata, duerme ahora."

Image may contain: cat and indoor


Monday, March 4, 2019

Puzzle Me This

Lin and Joe gave us a puzzle for Christmas.  For them, as it is with us, a puzzle is sometimes winter entertainment.  As it happens, we received eight puzzles at Christmas and we did not put off doing this one because we weren't excited about it but rather because the people who gave us the other puzzles were often here and "helping" with the selection and construction.  We did theirs first.  Now, on February 28 we have

and Sunday, March 3 at 10 a.m. we have

Thanks Lin and Joe!  It was fun. 

And yes, it is still winter.  Snowed Sunday afternoon and it is colder than bears. 

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Burning Out in a Good Way


I walked out the front door on a very gray day.  Pulling my eye full into the lower center of the pear tree was a lone leaf among the dark greens and mauves and burgundies, a lone leaf that seemed to light up the world.  I stepped closer and observed that this leaf and all its companions are accompanied by hundreds of little pears. The tree at its most beautiful.  The tree just before its bare branches present themselves to winter's onslaught.

I thought how like this lovely tree are the lives of some people I have known.  Like the tree, they flourished in the springtime of their youth, put forth leaves, and flowers, and ultimately produced the fruit, the seeds within a promise of future life.  Then as they aged, their work finished, an inner glow emanated from them, radiating sunlight and cheer in the environs where they had thrived.  And they know, and we all know, that they will soon fall even as the leaves fall.

Imagine, if you will, a world in which everyone developed such beauty, a world in which our demise would indeed be our finest hour!

Brighten the corner where you are!

While the glory of young men is their strength,
    the splendor of older people is their silver hair.
 --Proverbs 20:29 (Names of God Bible)

Sunday, February 24, 2019



February's last week
Bright sunshine
Gentle breeze
Warmth flows across the frozen earth
Out of Season.


The heart leaps! Spring is near!
Be not deceived
These latitudes are not relieved
Of winter's ice and cold
This soon.

A respite brief
Yet some relief
From long chill
Set in the bones.

We'll take it.

Then hunker down
'Twill soon be past
Prepare for next cold
Snowy blast.

We'll survive.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Young King Does Right

The Scripture lesson is in 2 Kings 22.  Josiah began his reign in Jerusalem at the age of eight.  We are told that he followed in the steps of David and did that which was right in the sight of the Lord, turning neither to the left nor to the right.

Presently we see the king when he was about 26 years of age order the repair of the temple.  A historical preview is here in order.  Solomon dedicated the Temple in 950 BCE.  We are studying Josiah in about 622 BCE.  A lot of time has passed between these two monarchs.  Everything built with human hands falls into disrepair and decay.  And so the temple through neglect and abuse from time to time had been repaired twice prior to Josiah's day.  About 800 BCE it was repaired by Joash (2 Chronicles 24:12) and also about 100 years prior to Josiah by Hezekiah (2 Chronicles 29:12).  And Josiah now finds the building falling to staves, so to speak.

I found it interesting that when King Josiah ordered the money for the repairs conveyed to the workmen who would be responsible that he stated that an accounting was not necessary, "because they are honest in their dealings." (2 Kings 22:7)  The question lurking in my mind is this:  Are there today reliable people, honest in their dealings, in whom such complete trust might be placed?  As difficult as we may find it to believe, given human nature and the proclivity to avarice, apparently Josiah's trust was not misplaced.

The real thrust of the chapter is the finding of "the book" and the King's sorrow and agony over the wickedness of the people.  God told him that He would rain punishment and destruction on Jerusalem, but that mercifully He would let Josiah die before he saw this terrible thing because "Your heart was responsive and you humbled yourself before the Lord." (v. 19)

Josiah died in battle around 601 BCE and fifteen years later the Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians.

Notes on the narrative.
1.  The chronology is from the website of The Temple Institute, Jerusalem, Israel.
2.  Herod's Second Temple, completed in 64 CE, was considered one of the wonders of the ancient world.  It was destroyed by Titus's Roman forces in 70 CE.
3.  It is a goal of devout Jews to rebuild the Temple yet again.

God who made the world and all things therein, seeing that He is Lord of Heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands. Acts 17:24

Thursday, February 14, 2019

February 14 Again

Dear JoAnn,

I 💗 U 😎 & 🌜,  U R my 😎, 🌜, & ✨,   🌭! I 💗 U > 🍦 & 🥓.  Ur my 💟!!!!!


Sunday, February 10, 2019

It's Off to Church We Go!

Vanilla and Beloved Beautiful Better Half are on their way to morning worship service.

You didn't think we were Lois and Clark, did you?

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Happy Anniversary, Darlin'

She gave this all up for me and nineteen years ago today we met at the altar and each of us said "I do."

To those who hoped she would be back at work by June that year, "Hah!"  We are starting our twentieth year today and we are looking back with thanksgiving, and otherwise we are looking forward to our next adventure.

Have we had some stuff?  Who hasn't had.

JoAnn recently commented on a facebook meme that no one had ever written to her a list of reasons why he loves her.  Really?  I told her I could not do that because it would require writing a definition of her.  That's it!  I love you, JoAnn, because you are you.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Major League Ball in the Springs


 I finally went to sleep sometime after four o'clock this morning.  Meanwhile my poor brain somewhat addled by the collywobbles that have jumped on me, reflected on earlier life experiences and this tidbit passed through my consciousness.

Awake enough now to think about the memory, I thought to share an item from my teen years.  In 1947 Colorado Springs got its second radio station when KRDO went on air in competition with KVOR.  As a Western Union messenger I had access to both of these facilities as required by my employer and on behalf of the business operations of the radio stations.  KVOR studios were on the top floor of the Exchange National Bank Building on the southwest corner of Tejon and Pikes Peak, one-half block east of the WU office.  KRDO established its studios in the Alta Vista Hotel on Cascade Avenue, a bit more than a block and one-half from the office and to the west and north.

(BBBH tells me I always go on and on with too much information before I get to my story.  She may be right.)

The powers that be at the new radio station thought it an interesting idea to offer live broadcasts of certain major league baseball games.  No, they did not hire reporters to go to remote locations, hooking up by telephone or whatever magical method that would be required to transmit the voice cross-country.  Here's how it worked.  Some city slicker in the venue where the game was being played would transmit a telegram to KRDO.  Jerry, the teletype operator, would tape the message to a telegram blank as it came in, hand it to Dave, the dispatcher, who in turn handed it to me.  I mounted the bicycle, pedaled to the Alta Vista, ran up the stairs and breathlessly handed the game report to the clerk on duty.

A typical message might read


Upon finishing his account of the fourth inning, and of course the commercial break, the reporter would take this message, we would hear crowd noises in the background, and "It's the fifth inning, still tied at naught.  Smith takes the mound and Barnes comes up to bat for the Dodgers.  Smith is in the windup; ball one! (Of course we hear appropriate game noises.)  Here's the pitch - -  called strike on the inside corner!  Barnes spits on his hands, takes a new grip on the bat.  He takes a ball, low and inside."  (A certain amount of chatter about Barnes batting record)  "And Smith delivers! Strike two called.  Now Barnes shakes off the catcher's sign.  --  Shakes it off again.  There it is now, Smith is ready to deliver.  Barnes swings and misses!  One out, and Needler is coming to bat"

We hear the crack of the bat as the man goes on with his detailed account of Wolf hitting the second pitch between the second baseman and the right fielder (all have names, of course) fields the ball, throws to second, out, relayed to first, doubled them!  Commercial break and the sixth inning message is already in the hands of the reader.

And each inning is so relayed from the WU office on Pikes Peak Avenue to the studio on Cascade Avenue and the reporter makes up his detailed account of a game he never sees and, I suppose, the listeners imagined that they had been taken to the ballgame!  They were taken, no doubt.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

More for Kenneth

During our conversation Saturday I told Kenny I had found two or three Kodachrome slides crumpled in the bottom of a box.  One was of Ann, which I posted yesterday.  He said, "Do you still have all those slides?'  I told him I did. He said, "We used to have so much fun setting the projector on your bed and showing the pictures on the wall."

I told him that if I could locate the pictures I might share some of them here.  Then this happened.

 One of my favorite snapshots of Frieda, my children's mother.
On Queen Anne Hill, Seattle, Washington, 1956.

 The kid's grandfather, D.W. Lacy.  Backyard picnic,
Wilkinson, Indiana 1960

 Their grandmother, Vera Morrell Lacy

 Our first-born, Ann Marie
 Ivanelle Beth
 Delbert Wendell
 Lebanon, Indiana c. 1963

 Grandmother Mary Matilda Palmer Morrell.
She was 83 when she visited us in Lebanon.

Ann and Ivy with cousins Coleen and Joanne 
and their Aunt Mildred Morrell Stone.  Lebanon, 1963.

 Little backyard mechanic, Converse, Indiana, ca. 1965

 Mom with her three chicks. The fourth still a couple of years in the future.

 Dad and Mom in Converse.

 Grandpa and Grandma Lacy at their home on Maish Road,
Frankfort, Indiana  ca. 1972.

With Grandpa in Frankfort
 There's Kenny!  His brother is at the wheel.

 No comment.  From me, anyway.

 The "lineup" is against the wall of the Gateway Arch ca.1972.

Names, Kenny.  People and pets.

In front of the chicken house in which we lived in Portland, Oregon, 1968.
Kenneth is nine months and walking.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Ann Marie

I found a crumpled Kodachrome slide in the bottom of an old box.  Flattened it best I could, laid it on the light screen and took a snapshot.  Here is the result.  My eldest child beside her grandfather's nearly new 1956 Ford.  Muncie, Indiana, clearly a very long time ago.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

For My Son

My son, Kenny, called yesterday.  We had a nice conversation but he was concerned that we were getting a snowstorm.  Then he said, "Send me pictures; don't get to see snow that often."  So here they are, happy Kentucky people who "don't get to see snow that often."

 The bunnies have been playing in the front yard and along the sidewalk.

 A few of the branches down in the backyard.  Wish someone would pick them up for us.

And there is the honking big building that is going up behind us.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Spring, or Winter?

Snow forecast for this weekend.  (Why not? It snowed last weekend.)  But here is a bit of Spring indoors, thanks to Mark and Patty who sent the pretty little pot with a bulb inside.  Set it in sunlight, watered it, and voila!

Whatever the storm outside, maintain your inner tranquility

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Another Ditch the New Years Resolutions Day

Today is the day to ditch the New Year's resolutions which you made under duress, or from a sense of obligation to yourself or someone else.  Today is the official day to rid yourself of these unnecessary burdens.  Get rid of the resolutions you have already broken. (Yes, I know.  It has been  2-3/7 weeks since the year began.)  Too, you should dump the ones you will break later on.  Do it now and save the aggravation of carrying them any longer. 

If you are one of those righteous souls whose efforts toward your avowed goal are intact and you are feeling mighty good about yourself, good for you.  Soldier on.  You are under no obligation to observe this day in the practice, so observe it in the breach. 

No one seems to know the origin or the originator of this holiday, but trust me, it is real. 

Have you made any resolutions which you are still keeping, and intend to keep?

 Happy the-rest-of-2019!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

A Sermon at the Movies

Spoiler Alert!  This article discusses certain aspects of the movie "The Mule."  If you haven't seen it and plan to do you might want to bookmark this page for a later date.  You have been warned.

BBBH said, "Let's go to the show tonight.  Clint Eastwood usually plays the good guy, but I guess he is the bad guy in this film, and I would like to see it."

Naturally we braved the elements and took our seats in a crowded theater, bothering the aisle seat people, of course, who left the remaining pair of seats inside.  BBBH muttered "Sorry," as she passed through; I said, "I'm not sorry, but excuse us anyway."

The picture ran its course and the house lights came up.  As we exited the theater we met a couple, our friends, also on their way out.  We greeted each other and stood a few moments in the foyer.  "I didn't like the way the show ended," remarked the gentleman.

"Oh?  Why not"

"Well, he should have taken the money and sailed off to the Caribbean in his new yacht."

"No," I replied.  "He got better than he deserved."

And there it is.  Perspective shaped by the forces that make each of us who he or she is.  In a sense my friend was rooting for the bad guy.  Go figure.  Perhaps his analysis suggested to him that the old man was caught up in a web from which he could not extricate himself.  And that is very likely the case, but still he made the choice to pursue the nefarious activities.  Actions have consequences.

My take on it was this.  The old man elicited our sympathies in many ways, yet he was knowingly engaged in poisoning his fellow-citizens with illicit drugs.  On his last run he was carrying 307 kilos of cocaine and that is not to mention the eleven previous runs.  He deserved punishment.

Yet he got better than he deserved, for in a sense "The Mule" is a story of redemption.  We see the man mending fences he tore down over this lifetime; we see reconciliation with his family, and he is 90 years old.  Of course we want a "happy ending."  And I think we got it.  Earl goes to prison, but even there he lives with the knowledge that his family has readmitted him into their lives.  He continues to pursue his work with his beloved day lilies on the prison grounds.

Earl confessed his sins in open court.  If we confess our sins in the open court of God's judgment God is "faithful and just to forgive us our sins."  Our consciences are clear.  We are redeemed. is a point that I think many people overlook.  Redemption does not erase the consequences of wrong behaviors.  Actions have consequences.

God forgives and we can  forgive ourselves.  But the price in the natural realm will be paid.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Calling You Out

To our Nation's Leadership:

While I stay out of the political fray on social media, I can no longer sit by and make no comments on our current situation in your bailiwick.

We elected you to serve our interests, to protect our rights, and to defend our Constitution.  My questions to you are these:  How can you in good conscience look yourselves in the mirror in the morning? How can you face us day after day in pretense of serving our interests above your own?

You are holding the American people hostage to trivial political differences, and I repeat for emphasis, they are trivial.  No matter where we stand on the political spectrum I think it is safe to say that we are all disturbed by the cavalier way in which you manipulate us as though we are mere pawns on some giant cosmic chessboard.

I, for one, and I think I am in the company of millions of others, I am tired, tired to sickness with the unrepresentative cruel way in which you treat us.

Stop it.



Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Remembering Elvis

Copied directly from post on STSTT ten years ago today.  Thus today would be the 84th anniversary of Mr. Presley's birth.

Love Me Tender

January 8, 1935

The birth date of Elvis Aron Presley, of course. There is nothing I can say in tribute to his contribution that his fans don't already know better than I; and there is nothing I can say to persuade the naysayers of the error of their ways. So we would wish the King a happy 74th birthday had he not departed this life so prematurely.