Thursday, July 25, 2019

Living on Eighties Time

Do you remember when every move was calculated and effective, every motion quick and accurate, every deadline fourteen minutes away?  The pace, the pace.  Now! Or better, yesterday.

I don't live that way anymore.  I couldn't live like that even if the desire to do so were present. I have two speeds:  exceedingly slow and can you still see me moving?. Do I still accomplish things?  Not much, but I can still shower and dress myself.  I live in gratitude fo what I can do. 

Will the world, or even the nation or my community be improved if I watch congressional hearings, form biting opinions about the state of affairs in which we are entangled?   They will not, so therefore I do not invest any of my precious remaining time doing that.  Same for most "news" outlets.  I hate this, but I have become so skeptical that I herewith validate my father's opinion regarding reporters and pundits.  "The only thing you can believe in the newspapers is the funnies page."  But that is not all bad; saves me more of that dear commodity called time. 

So what do I have to contribute to the conversation over the coffee mugs at the old coots' gathering?  Pleasant words about the weather.  A cheery, "How're things?" and a firm "Good day!" if someone should steer the conversation toward Washington, the State Capital, the mayor's office.


Think the wain will huht the whubob?      (The "ahh" key quit on me.  Sowwy,)

Friday, July 5, 2019

Eighty-five, Man Alive!

Can that be true?  Is it possible that I have lived 85 years?
It is; it is!

 Here is the intersection of 85 with 85:  As a lad I lived in Colorado Springs through which the major north-south highway was US 85/87. Up and down that road untold numbers of times on bicycle, by automobile, and even short portions of it on foot.  When I left those environs at the age of 18 I am sure it never occurred to me that I would live 85 years.  Or maybe I hoped I might, who knows? 

Fyi, US 85 runs from the Mexican border in El Paso to the Canadian border in North Dakota. It is sometimes called the CanAm Highway.  As a boy I traversed this road many times with the parents, or that is the section between Pueblo and Denver.  I believe the farthest point south we achieved was Albuquerque.  When I left the Springs in favor of the PNW I took 85 north into Wyoming as far as US 30.

I have taken many roads since then, speaking not only geographically but in all areas of my life.  Some of those roads were smooth, straight and easy sailing.  But not all of them.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Just One Man's Ramblings

Remember Abound Solar?  Any numbers come to mind? Like 850 jobs and a $15 mil taxpayer incentive from the county?  Like $400 mil federal dollars?

On this date in 2010 it was announced that Abound would purchase the vacant factory facility at 28 and 31 and create 850 jobs.

Abound declared bankruptcy three years later and Colorado got stuck with cleaning up the mess they left there.

But, Hurrah for Green!