Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Sunday, July 4, 2021

Conversations with Random People -28

 Enjoyed my repast, paid the ticket, and exited the restaurant.  As I went through the door approaching me in little half steps much like mine, was a tall gentleman about my height, white-hair, much like mine.  "Looking for the party for Dan," he told me. It is to be at JD."  "This  is the place," I said.  Now knowing this celebration was in honor of Dan's 100th birthday and noting that the old man beside me was a bit creaky, I said, "Are you a contemporary of Dan's?"  "Uh, yes," he said, "I am 86."  "So am I!" I exclaimed. "But I'll be 87 tomorrow."

The old gentleman patted me on the shoulder as though to say, "Don't patronize me; I know I am older than you."   Oops.  On second thought perhaps he was thinking, "No way; you've got to be much older than I."