Thursday, December 31, 2009

Advice for New Year Celebration

Consider this my annual advice on New Year's Eve; it is the same advice I posted last year. It is still solid, reliable, and worth the thought you give to it as you decide what you are going to do this evening.

I may not be adept at creating good advice, but I know good advice when I hear it. As you go out with your wife to celebrate the New Year, just remember this.

If your wife is having fun and you're not, you are still having way more fun than you would be having if you were having fun and she's not.


Sharkbytes said...

Haha! Can I get you to beat that into my DH's head?

Silver said...

Happy New Year. Many blessings!


vanilla said...

Sharkebytes: You ask of me a task
I cannot undertake. I wish you both a happy celebration and a great 2010.

Felicia: May you have a blessed and happy 2010 as well.

Jennie said...

How true!

vanilla said...

Jennifer: Thanks for visiting! I appreciate your Bible study, which I read regularly, though I seldom comment.