Friday, December 25, 2020

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Idling away the time at the car dealership

 Paid a visit to the Ford Home today.  Paid the bill and drove home.

Two black beauties parked in the showroom, a Mustang and a Cobra  GT 350.

Grille work.  I can't recall the number of times I have laid that stuff inside the form in building a concrete pad.  But whatever captures the designer's imagination.

Trust me, this beast was all black with the exception of the chrome snake and the GT designation.  The white wall on the tire does not show at all to the naked eye.  The camera sees all, though.

Oh, jsyk, I've zero intention to drop $64K on a kar.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

"They" are Coming to Take Me Away, Hey, Hey

 People all too often reference the ubiquitous "they" when speaking of, well, politics, economics, the world in general,or whatever.  I sometimes ask, "Who is this 'they' of whom you speak?"  This question is usually not well-received, and that may be the principal reason I ask it.  The truth is almost every answer I have gotten provides a circular definition, which is to say it goes something like, "They are the ones who. . ." (want to rule the world, are trying to destroy the economy, etc, etc,)  Note the use of "they" to define "they."

The other day a lady used the "they" reference and I asked my question.  Her response:  "There really is a "they."  The implication was, and I know I received this message correctly, "If you weren't so dense you would understand that.  I pity you."