Sunday, July 5, 2020

Another Birthday

Interstate 86 in the West lies entirely within the state of Idaho.  It basically replaces old US 30.  It runs from I-15 just north of Pocatello westward 63 miles to connect with I-84.  I have never been on I-86 but I have driven US 30 across that stretch many times in another era.

So I personally am no longer 30, far from it, for today I am 86.  86,  "would you believe…"

Well, then you ARE old, Someone said.   "I asked you not to tell me that," I said.

Another day to enjoy this life "…and loving it."

Couldn't resist the references to my favorite agent.   "sorry about that, Chief."

Tried to work in a couple more but "missed it by that much."
--James Thurber