Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Clown Prince of Denmark

One of the twentieth century's premier performers, Victor Borge, died on this date in the year 2000. I never failed to be amused at his performances and awed by his musical ability and his wit.

Victor Borge 1909 - 2000 RIP


JennyMac said...

I have actually never seen this...thank you for sharing it.

Have a fantastic holiday, Vanilla!

Secondary Roads said...

It has been a while since my sides have ached like this. He certainly was a prince of a guy.

Lin said...

They don't make 'em like that anymore, do they?

vanilla said...

JennyMac, you are welcome. A little humor never hurt anyone.

Oops, except for Chuck, maybe. Makes me laugh, too.

Lin, he was one of a kind. I guess each generation produces talented people, but there is something about the ones we "grew up" with.