Thursday, January 10, 2019

Calling You Out

To our Nation's Leadership:

While I stay out of the political fray on social media, I can no longer sit by and make no comments on our current situation in your bailiwick.

We elected you to serve our interests, to protect our rights, and to defend our Constitution.  My questions to you are these:  How can you in good conscience look yourselves in the mirror in the morning? How can you face us day after day in pretense of serving our interests above your own?

You are holding the American people hostage to trivial political differences, and I repeat for emphasis, they are trivial.  No matter where we stand on the political spectrum I think it is safe to say that we are all disturbed by the cavalier way in which you manipulate us as though we are mere pawns on some giant cosmic chessboard.

I, for one, and I think I am in the company of millions of others, I am tired, tired to sickness with the unrepresentative cruel way in which you treat us.

Stop it.




Jim Grey said...

Hear, hear.

vanilla said...

Jim, if only the powers that be would hear-- and heed!

Secondary Roads said...

Having a similar experience to the point of illness and fatigue, I agree.

vanilla said...

Chuck, I think it's not simply a function of old age. It it?

Secondary Roads said...

Not simply old age for sure. Perhaps it's sagacity?

Lin said...

It's an embarrassment to our country. No matter what your leanings are, there is bad behavior all around. This discourse makes us vulnerable as a whole.

vanilla said...

Chuck, that's it! Or so we believe.

Lin, truth. And bad behavior has consequences such that no matter what remedial steps we may take we will experience the consequences.