Monday, January 21, 2019

Ann Marie

I found a crumpled Kodachrome slide in the bottom of an old box.  Flattened it best I could, laid it on the light screen and took a snapshot.  Here is the result.  My eldest child beside her grandfather's nearly new 1956 Ford.  Muncie, Indiana, clearly a very long time ago.


Jim Grey said...

What a wonderful image. You're fortunate to have found it!

Grace said...

What a terrific find and save!

vanilla said...

Jim, thanks. I shall treasure it along with more I dug from storage.

Grace, thanks. I get lucky once in a while!

Secondary Roads said...

At least you can identify the people. I have a large number of old family photos of people that no living person can identify. I'm thinking there is no need to preserve them any longer.

I like the image of Gma Mary with the house number visible. (Gives context to the image.)