Monday, November 23, 2015

Six things in our pantry

that you probably don't have in yours.

You may be aware that I was batching it here on the home front for two weeks while BBBH basked in the Florida sunshine.  This gave me an opportunity to discover things I had never before had reason to think about; 

What, for instance, lurks in the pantry?  Beautiful not only does the cooking, she does the shopping as well.  Her notion of shopping entails certain protocols, algorithms if you will, within certain parameters, none of which I understand even though she has explained it to me in these terms:  "Of course it takes time to scan all the shelves to see what's there.  How would one know what she wants if she doesn't know what is there?  It's called shopping."

And thus I suppose it is that the pantry contains numerous items that would surprise most people.  Surprised me.  The snapshot above portrays a select sample of the surprising items our pantry harbors.

Turnip greens?  Yes, I like turnip greens on occasion.  Actually, I am quite fond of greens of many varieties.  Kale, though, not so much as the others.  I suppose her thought process went like this: "David likes greens, and these are cheap!  All-around win." 

Water chestnuts?  I do indeed like the "crunch" associated with the consumption of water chestnuts so a few of them in the chop mien or chow suey or whatever it is on the Chinese noodles is a good thing.  But a fifteen-ounce can of them? 

Bean sprouts?  Wha?  Oh, the chop chow.

Spam?  Sure, why not?  I grew up during the war years, WWII that is, to the younger set. (All years seem to be war years, don't they?)  I like a bit of spam now and then.  Fried, preferably.

Shep?  We do have a dog.  He's a picky eater, though, and one never knows if he will eat Shep until it has been offered to him.  We'll see.

She's the cook and I am not complaining.  The dog?  *shrug*



Lin said...

I was hoping the Shep was not for you for when you are in the doghouse. ;)

We just cleaned and painted our pantry. We found all sorts of good stuff in ours as well. A lot of it was tossed.

Vee said...

Price often dictates canned goods choices. Who knows, Beautiful may also be wondering what those things are doing in her pantry.

Grace said...

You are correct - none of those in my 'pantry'. I have to admit I can happily eat Spam once in a while, I think they have a reduced sale one nowadays, coat slices in flour, fry in butter, top with poached eggs...why not.

Grace said...

*that's "reduced SALT"...

vanilla said...

Lin, oh, my. I never thought of that.

Vee, possibly she has forgotten them.

Grace, reduced salt would be a good thing for this product.