Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mayoral Elections

Today is election day.  Get to the polls.

Indiana is notorious for low voter turnout.

I really think this is not due to low quality candidates.  Anyway, they seem to be no worse, and possibly no better, than candidates in other parts of the country.  For whatever that is worth.



Vee said...

Registered "Independent" so can't vote. I guess some states allow voters to choose what ballot they want when they arrive to vote, but not Kansas.

vanilla said...

Vee, this is not a primary election. btw, I think your primary is in July. Ours is in May.

vanilla said...

Vee, it is true that one can "pull" a party ticket willy-nilly in the Indiana primaries. This has led to some fascinating brouhahas, politically speaking.

Secondary Roads said...

Like your sister, I'm registered "Independent."

See today's Frazz comic strip. It explains a lot.

Vee said...

Just getting my complaint in early. I also could not participate in a Colorado caucus because I'm an independent.

City and school board elections here are in April but most of the cities around us are voting. I understand the governor has signed a bill that all school board elections in the future must be held in November. I think this was a request from the state school board. Someone higher always has to make the rules. : )

vanilla said...

Chuck, independent of your registration, I am sure you are independent. :-)

Vee, interesting how procedures vary from one locale to another. As I indicated, our primaries are in May. The municipals are in November of non-general election years but this does not include school boards which are elected in the general election of non=presidential years. Thus
We elected school boards Nov. 2014
Primary for munis May 2015
Municipals Nov 2015
Primary for general May 2016
General- presidential Nov 2016

and so on. I mean, they run us ragged going back and forth to the polls. Maybe that partly accounts for the low voter turnout?

Grace said...

We are registered Independents and our access to primary elections varies among the several states we have lived in. I liked voting in Vermont best - so personal and so fun. Our local elections today have only one position unopposed - so George said we aren't going to bother voting. I'm uncomfortable with that but can't get to the polls alone. I like voting even if the outcome is predictable.

Lin said...

No elections here today. Thank goodness. It usually gets really nasty here during election time.

vanilla said...

Lin, you put your finger on my least favorite aspect of elections. And we still have a full year of electioneering for the Oval Office.