Sunday, January 18, 2009

Park Church

Church this morning in the park. Attended along with about 180 others.
The responsive reading was from Romans, chapter 8. Nothing can separate us from God's love.
Park Pastor Jose spoke about Jesus as a model for our prayer.
The prayer life of Christ:
1. Jesus prayed for empowerment. Matthew 4. If Jesus asked the Father for empowerment, how much more should we pray in this manner?
2. Jesus prayed at beginning of each day. Mark 1:35 Should we not start our day even as Christ started His?
3. Jesus prayed before making decisions. Luke 6:13 Do you pray before making important decisions? Do we pray when we are in crisis?
4. Jesus prayed for others (intercessory prayer). John 17. Christ prayed for himself, for his disciples and for all believers. Should we not do the same?
To live a Christian life is to model our lives after Christ. He was a model for our prayer life.

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