Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I've never been one much for New Year's resolutions. Why would one strive for self-improvement only at the beginning of the year? Why doesn't he try to do what's right year-round? Here. Walt Mason has said it quite well.

A New Year View

I don't go much on gilded vows, for I have made them in the past, and they are with the bow-wow-wows--they were too all-fired good to last. And so I'll make one vow today: I'll simply try to do my best; that vow should help me on my way, for it embraces all the rest. I'll take the middle of the road, and always do the best I can, and pack along my little load, and try to be a manly man. A man may end his journey hre too poor to buy a decent shroud, and planted be without a tear of mourning from the worldly crowd; but when he's in the judgment scale, he'll come triumphant from the test; no man has failed, no man can fail, who always, always does his best. And though my pathway be obscure, and void of honor and applause, and though the lean wolf of the moor to my cheap doorway nearer draws, I'll keep a stout heart in my breast, and follow up this simple plan: I'll always do my very best, and try to be a manly man.

Uncle Walt

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