Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Change is (not) Coming, or Politics as Usual

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Entertained ourselves much of this day by watching the fal-di-rol played out in the halls of the government's legislative branch. The only thing approaching the pomposity of the principals in the drama is the self-importance & self-aggandizement of the talking heads commenting upon the show. @3ll, I'M not so smart, either. But BBBH did comment that either of us would be a better congressperson than 99.4% of the clowns in the hall. Yet we'd doubtless come up 225 votes short, or shy one sec'y of state signature. And our names can't be found amongst the eastern elite.
Arithmetic: Suppose there are 300 million of us. What percentage of that number is 535? Oh, yeah. Representation.

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