Monday, March 4, 2019

Puzzle Me This

Lin and Joe gave us a puzzle for Christmas.  For them, as it is with us, a puzzle is sometimes winter entertainment.  As it happens, we received eight puzzles at Christmas and we did not put off doing this one because we weren't excited about it but rather because the people who gave us the other puzzles were often here and "helping" with the selection and construction.  We did theirs first.  Now, on February 28 we have

and Sunday, March 3 at 10 a.m. we have

Thanks Lin and Joe!  It was fun. 

And yes, it is still winter.  Snowed Sunday afternoon and it is colder than bears. 


Lin said...

YEA!! You did it! That looks like a doozy too. I hope you had fun doing it.

I borrowed a puzzle from my friends---who gave up on trying to do this particular puzzle. It was a very unique puzzle and I learned very quickly that you could not use your usual puzzle techniques. I mastered it...but now I want to find the maker so that I can order one for myself. I know...I am a glutton for punishment.

vanilla said...

Lin, YEA! We did! It was challenging-- mix of colors, etc., but nice, too, in that it had a variety of shapes-- two tab three tab, four tab, no tab. Thanks again!

Secondary Roads said...

Neat puzzle. Sure looks like something Lin would select for you folks.

vanilla said...

Chuck. Lin knows what her friends enjoy.

Vee said...

This one looks difficult.