Wednesday, March 6, 2019

La Gata

My sister has a cat, a very pretty cat, long slender neck and graceful moves.  Cookie is a refugee from Hurricane Maria which devastated Puerto Rico in September 2017.  It is reported that the cat seems grateful for the largess bestowed upon her, but she does not reciprocate with any kind of overt demonstration of affection. The following is a middle-of-the night creation I "dreamed up" and sent to Ilene a few weeks ago.

I dreamed last night about a cat named Cookie.
I was visiting my sister in the Garden State
Resting peacefully in her guest room
The door a bit ajar; I don't want to fumble with knobs
In the middle of the night.

Somewhere in the wee hours I heard a gentle tap on my door
"David,"  Ilene whispered, "I can't find my cat."
"Don't panic," I replied.  "Flip on the night light."
"The cat's been sleeping with me for the past three nights."
"NO!" the glare of the overhead light hit my sleepy eyes.

Ilene stood, amazed, appalled, moved  toward the bed.
Cat like a flash crawled deep down next to my feet.
"Let her be," I said.  But I could see that Sis was crushed.
"She's okay.  We'll talk in the morning.
"Nice Cookie." I crooned. " La Gata, Senora Gata, duerme ahora."

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Secondary Roads said...

la gatita bella. I like your story. It is totally credible.

Lin said...

There are a lot of animals coming out of Puerto Rico these days. I'm sure part of Cookie's distant attitude has to do with her surroundings and life there. She will most likely come around. Or not. Cats are like that, you know. Hobbes only likes me when he likes me. Which is not often.

Grace said...

I managed to biggify that photo - such a handsome cat (yes, yes, she's a she but handsome nonetheless) and I do love those curtains! Cats will be cats and besides men seem to generate more body warmth than women. That said, Miss Frankie likes to sleep with George and BB, a boy cat, likes to sleep with me - a gender issue?

vanilla said...

Chuck, you understand the irony of the cat cozying up to the one professing not to like cats, and you know cats.

Lin, I suggested to Ilene that she might try Spanish for communicating with Cookie. She responded with this. A Spanish-type song featuring an accordion came on the TV. Cookie jumped up on a hassock and peered intently at the screen. As soon as the performance was over the cat jumped down and went on about her business.

Grace, cats are interesting, if inscrutable.

Vee said...

You the big cat love, you.

Vee said...

Cat "lover." Oh well.

vanilla said...

Vee, me?