Friday, January 5, 2018

Daily Prayer #T

It never gets old.  Our capacity for surprise is never filled.  No matter how many times we have experienced freezing cold, damaging winds, torrid heat and unbearable humidity we are always surprised when one of these events befalls us.

Image may contain: tree, snow, plant, sky, outdoor and natureTake today.  Lovely bright sunlight pouring through my east windows.  I stepped outside and almost immediately frost formed on my mustache.  Surprised?  Of course.  Why would one expect it to be thirty-five degrees below freezing on a January morning in Indiana?  I mean it happens on an almost-annual basis and yet we somehow are surprised.  Yet again.

The "news" media are full of it.  (Read that again.) The weather readers go on and on about it.  And on.  Amazing, isn't it? That we have weather, I mean; and that we have winter weather in the winter time.

You know what surprises me?  Another day in my life in any weather conditions.  My father used to say of a man beyond three score and ten, "He's living on borrowed time."  Yes, I am living, well past four score now, in that zone of life.  Actually, this is scriptural, for the Bible says a man's years shall be seventy, eighty perhaps by dint of strength.

So this is me, heat, cold, wind, rain, or snow:

"Heavenly Father, I thank you for each day of my life, and I thank you now for this new day which You have granted me.  I pray that I may honor You throughout this day and reflect Your grace and love to those I may encounter.  Let it be so, in the name of Our Lord, Jesus Christ."

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Sharkbytes said...

That's really cold for southern Indiana. At least we get snow to play it.

Grace said...

Yeah, yeah, I got it. But then this is extreme weather and the brain dead dippies have to be reminded to not try to become truly brain dead. With a few adjustments to fit my philosophy, your prayer is a very good prayer. Many more new days for you!

vanilla said...

Sharkey, we think of ourselves as being in North Central Indiana, but it is cold way south of us, too. We have had six inches of snow cover since Dec. 29. I for one wish it would go away!

Grace, good point. I guess all the warnings and such hullabaloo is for the protection of the brain-dead. Doesn't work sometimes, either.

Lin said...

It's like child birth...we tend to forget how extreme the cold can be.

I am convinced it is THIS cold because it was THAT warm when we were all putting Christmas lights up on the house. There is a direct correlation, I believe.

Vee said...

Thankful for my days and that I am not hungry or cold. So blessed!

vanilla said...

Lin, all a part of the fine balance in the universe?

Vee, exactly so

Secondary Roads said...

Each evening just before going to bed, Sylvia and I share a recounting of our day with each other. That usually begins, "I woke up this morning . . ." Sometime followed by, ". . . on the green side of the grass."

vanilla said...

Chuck, we wind up with, "Thank the Lord for this day, and for His gracious provisions for life." Or in that vein.