Tuesday, May 1, 2012


 The faithful old Canon PowerShot A520 served me well for a lot of years and took hundreds of pictures.  It still works, evidence pictures below, but it is getting a bit stubborn about reviewing shots and often one has to turn it off completely and restart in order to review.  So I have been thinking for seven or eight months about new equipment.

And as I was spending money in an electronics shop the other day, this "on sale" item caught my eye.  It is a bit smaller, has a bit larger viewing area, and has seriously higher resolution.  I hope I am going to like it.

The upper two pictures were taken with the Canon PowerShot A4000 IS, and its "portraits" were snapped with the old camera.  Can you see any difference?  The objects were posed identically and the A520 defaulted to flash.  The A4000 IS used available light.


Shelly said...

My daughter has a camera like your new one and enjoys it immensely. I'm sure you'll get years of terrific pics from it~

Jim said...

The newer cameras all do much better in available light than the older ones. It will lead to much more natural looking indoor photos.

I'm a big fan of Canon point-and-shoots. I think you'll enjoy this one.

Lin said...

Oooooh, happy New Camera!! I love getting a new camera to play with. Hate the manuals though.

Vee said...

Good luck with learning to use all of the bells and whistles on the new camera. I'm sure you will enjoy using it and get a lot of great pics.

vanilla said...

Shelly, I am happy to get a testimonial from an owner, or in this case the mother of the owner.

Jim, the point-and-shoot may take the "arithmetic" out of making snapshots, but they sure give me better results than I ever "calculated" on my own!

Lin, thanks! With all due respect to the writers, no one has yet written a manual that begs to be devoured. (Mostly I use trial-and-error until I get something that works for me, then I stick to that.) My cameras, my phones, all of my electronic devices have features I will never know about, since I rarely get past page six in the manual. (My stupid phone has a 56-page manual. Really.)

Vee, it has bells and whistles? I did not know that. (see comment to Lin.)

Sharkbytes said...

With the resolution on a computer screen I can't see any difference. But I like no flash.

vanilla said...

Shark, the new camera won’t make a photographer of me, but I am going to enjoy it!