Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sixth Grade Party Protracted

August, 1959. I walked into my classroom in an old school house in Brown Township. For the very first time, I walked into a classroom as the teacher, the teacher of the twenty-four sixth graders who would presently fill the seats in front of me.

November, 2011. I have been invited to a dinner party at a home in a village about fifty miles from my residence. Of course BBBH and I will be there, for the invitation came from one of the ladies who had been a student in that class fifty-two years ago.

The hostess, Sherry, had invited some of the other students whom I had taught at Brown Township School. Present at this wonderful reunion were Gloria, as I knew her, who is now called "Jeanie" and her husband, Craig; Jan and her husband, Dennis; Kathy; and Sherry. My spouse and I completed the group.

Sherry had prepared a wonderful meal which was enjoyed with much gusto! Kathy provided a marvelous dessert, two desserts, actually; and naturally I had some of each.

The catching-up, the tales of children, grandchildren, achievements, "what ever happened to" went on well into the evening. But we eventually had to take our departure. After all, we had an hour's drive to get home. And we really aren't as young as we used to be!


Jim said...

You must have left quite an impression on those students!

Secondary Roads said...

Those are good times, aren't they?

Vee said...

How old does it make you feel when your former sixth graders are talking about their grandchildren?

vanilla said...

Jim, no greater than that they left on me. I told them I had learned more from them than they had from me. Mutually beneficial arrangement, perhaps.

Chuck, they were. And recollection of times past is fun; but we don't live there. "This is the day the Lord has made!

Vee, as I told them the other day, I was fourteen years older than you when you were sixth graders, and I am still fourteen years older than you.

Vee said...

Like your response!

vanilla said...

Vee, thanks. My theory of relativity.