Monday, November 7, 2011


these ads won't be published again. My friend, Larry, sent me a collection of old advertisements that he asserts will not be used again, ever. Okay, except that I will use them here as a reminder of how far we have come in the past eighty to one hundred years

My grandma started me on coffee when I was five, but I probably never had cola until I was seven or eight. Today, I will drink fifteen cups of coffee a day, but maybe five colas in a year.

Note that the organization which ran the ad resolved the issue of whether the stuff should be called "soda" or "pop."

They opt for either and/or both.

The notion of raising a Blatz baby just seems way beyond the pale. Of course, the idea of coming home to a "Blatz Mama" isn't all that appealing, either.

Oh, yes. Eat, drink, be merry-- and smoke; for tomorrow we die.

This one rather gives a different point of view on the "coke baby" thing, doesn't it?

What ads that run now will be shocking, nay, horrifying to a future generation? Among others, perhaps this one, if the food police have their way. Maybe sooner than you expect. Bon appetit.


Jim Grey said...

Those were certainly some eye-opening advertisements!

A.Marie said...

WOW! Can you imagine what would happen nowadays if those ad were to run??!! The one about the Blatz Baby cracked me up!! ;)

Vee said...

I've changed my mind. Maybe government policing isn't that bad after all.

Secondary Roads said...

The first two ads remind me of the motto of a local coffee house: "You have to start early if you want to drink all day."

vanilla said...

Jim, they made my eyes pop!

A.Marie, oh, my, the thought police would go ballistic!

Vee, careful there. Don't be too easily swayed.

Chuck, that seemed to be the main thrust of those advertisers.

JennyMac said...

The side benefits to the baby when the Mom drinks beer is priceless.