Monday, July 12, 2010

Where Do You Live?

Today's post is in response to Chuck's offering of the same title a few days ago. The above map, thanks to Mapquest, shows our location. The red arrow points to the foot of our drive. See the RV parked there between the street and the house? The tree line at the rear is our property boundary, and coincidentally it is the city limit line. Note that both neighbors to the south have pools. We don't. Cal to the north has a barn on the property line. Ours is identical to his, but is in the middle of the back yard, tree between it and the house. I didn't want to walk clear to the back of the place to get a pair of pliers.

To the east is "downtown". It is 0.7 mi. to the courthouse and the post office. Many businesses operate in this downtown area. There is a commercial area half-mile farther to the east and on the edge of town. So, did you follow this? Our place: west edge of town. Barely over a mile away: east edge of town. Just about right for doing errands on the old bicycle. Given: Dry, warm weather.

I have lived in large cities (Seattle; Portland, Oregon). I have lived in mid-size and small cities (Colorado Springs; Lebanon, Indiana). If you have been following the "Loonville Vignette" series, you know that I have spent time in a really small town, and I once lived in a town even smaller than Loonville (Wilkinson, Indiana). I guess this place qualifies as a small city, or maybe town. But it is the county seat!

I think this is just about the perfect place in which to reside.


Secondary Roads said...

Nice shot of your neighborhood. There are days when living in condo city seems appealing, but when the work is done it sure is nice to have the room and privacy.

vanilla said...

Chuck, I understand the 'space' concept; but for me, the 0.4 acre compromise in exchange for errands by bicycle works quite well!