Wednesday, July 28, 2010


What does the old guy do when he is hit by a spurt of ambition?
The house is twelve years old now. It was sporting some seriously faded shutters. The other day Kent came by and took them down for us. Thus when finally the days cooled down a half-dozen degrees, I scrubbed. The following day I painted. As of this writing, I have painted about half a third of the shutters and reinstalled four.
Twelve down, fourteen eighteen to go. (Edit thanks to recount.)
There is a moral in here somewhere about the ravages of time, faded glory and maintenance. But I'll forego that in favor of your building your own legend in that regard.


jim said...

Life is maintenance. Or so it often seems.

Lin said...

If you had done it eons ago you wouldn't have anything to do now, right? I think it worked out just fine. Well, except for the part that there's like a cabillion of those darn things!

(I love the red color, pally!)

Secondary Roads said...

When I get hit by a spurt of ambition, I just roll over and go back to sleep. Later, I'll get up and wash it off. :)

vanilla said...

jim-- Astute observation. Too true.

Lin-- Well, except that it would probably be time to do it again.
The red is rowdy, isn't it? We like it.

Chuck-- I like your method of handling spurts of ambition! Someone tell you "take it easy" and you took it literally?