Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Clever Dog, Stupid Trick

For fifteen years my nerves were pretty much kept on edge by my companion, Spot. Spot would best be described as "mutt" though his vet graciously put him in the records as "shepherd mix." What kept me on edge was the dog's super-protective attitude with regard to his humans and their property. He would bite. He could trot along side as one rode the bike to town. He would sit quietly beside the parked bicycle and bother no one walking by. Unless they touched the bike. He would sit on the corner of the lawn next to the sidewalk and bother no passersby. Unless they stepped into the yard. Definitely good dog/bad dog.
Sunday dinner was a big deal at our house in this time, and early one Sunday morning, Ellie prepared a Boston cream pie in two beautiful layers and left it on the counter when we went off to church. Upon our arrival home, we discovered in the kitchen and still sitting on the counter a one-layer cake, the filling still intact but the top layer completely gone. The dog did not want to come into the kitchen when he was called!
(I have pictures of Spot, but they are all in old-fashioned albums on shelves back in Indiana.)

We also had a golden retriever who disgraced himself only once, and that was the time he took the Sunday beef roast off the counter. Just too much to resist, I guess. Oh, we were home and caught him before he ate it. Did we eat it? you betcha.

Secondary Roads is conducting a "My Naughty Pet" contest. Hurry over with your entry!
I think I'll enter the "Spot" story.


Unknown said...

G'morn, sweetie ~ Love the pooch story(s). Our Doberman took the steaks OFF the HOT grill & about killed himself trying to woof them down ... they are really something aren't they.

TY for the chuckle today, I sure needed it after yesterday eve.

Hugs, Marydon

vanilla said...

Glad you enjoyed it, Marydon. Much as we see our dogs as family, they are still dogs, and they will behave accordingly, won't they?

Poor Dobie. He just wanted a bite to eat.

Tiff :o) said...

I have 4 dogs right now. My third dog, Jack, was starved when we got him. The incident took place about 2 weeks after we got him. He was scarfigng food down ike crazy still, despite having regular feedings. I made myself a nice, big burrito. The dogs all had their food bowls on the floor but the smell of my food was just too hard to resist. Jack came over with his nose raised in the air. Bear and Jas were interested but kept more distance from the table. I had forgotten something and just as I stood up to get it, Jack jumped up onto the table and ate about half of the burrito before I could even think about what was going on. Needless to say, I had to make myself another burrito. That was the only time he ever stole food form me. Now he's a well behave dog who rarely finishes his food like the rest of mine.

Jasmine was 2 months old when we got her. Our older dog Bear was not to be trusted with her yet...he's a little we left her inside on Monday when we went to work. When I got home, the house was a disaster! She pulled all the blinds off the windows and the door. She chewed a few electric cords (luckily they were unplugged that day) as well. Now that we know her, we know she just wanted to be outside. To be honest, that's the only problem we have ever had from her.

vanilla said...

Tiff:o) Thanks for the visit and for the dog story. I get a kick out of animals-- and their people.
The greatest number of dogs I ever harbored at once was three. Good luck with four.

Since you are a serious bicyclist, you might enjoy this post and the follow-up link thereon.