Thursday, August 24, 2017

My Adventure at the Drug Store

Beautiful day for an outing, sunny, 77o so I rode the wheel the mile to the drugstore.  Picking up a 'script-- again.

I entered the store, walked to the fourth aisle intending to use it as the freeway to the pharmacy.  Did you ever notice that in a drugstore these days the part which sells drugs occupies, oh, perhaps eight percent of the space?   So I turned left into the aisle and what filled my eyes but this display:

Today is August 24, says so right here on my computer.  Unless they have moved Halloween up from October 31 there is something very wrong going on here.  That's my opinion and I am sticking to it.

It was finally my turn at the prescription check-out counter-- have you noticed that this spot is the busiest place in your town?  Perhaps you live in a livelier venue.  I state my name and expectation, oh, yeah and my birth date.  Recently, though, they have cut some slack on this one.  Try stating the month and day omitting the year.  Works here.  Not everyone in line necessarily needs to know I'm 83.  (Like they couldn't tell by looking!)

You know the drill.  Sign on the thingy for the medicine, then pay according to the method of your choice.  I went to the screen to sign and saw this:

 As of now I know that a "real" signature is unimportant because when I scribbled my John Hancock with my finger it looked like this: {/

You can be B. Bunny or whoever you want to be!

Nice ride home.

Be blessed, I know I am.


Lin said...

Well, it's certainly very nice that you can ride your bike up to the pharmacy. I think I'd get killed doing that here as there is no bike-friendly route anywhere these days. I wish there was though.

I was at the pharmacy last week, and yes, it was HOPPING!

Jim Grey said...

The CVS nearest my home has its pharmacy open 24 hours a day, making it very popular. Any more, when you drop off a paper script, they can take 2-3 hours to fill it. :-(

I figured out some time ago that CVS only really needs your birth day and month. They're just authenticating that you are really you.

Secondary Roads said...

It too far to ride my non-existent bicycle to the nearest pharmacy. I've been told that those screen signatures don't matter anyway.

Vee said...

You would really freak out at our Hobby Lobby. They've had Christmas stuff there for almost four weeks.

vanilla said...

Lin, I wish there were safe routes for bicyclists everywhere, but we worship the motorized way of life. I have a 300 yard or so span where I have to ride on the highway. Yikes.

Jim, speedy service is not a mantra of CVS. Druther not have a mistake in the filling of a script, though.

Chuck, literally a couple of squiggles will pass for signature. C'mon, Chuck, you can ride your imaginary bicycle anywhere you wish; won't pick up the meds, though.

Vee, getting me into the H L in the first place would freak me out.