Saturday, December 31, 2016

Very Late in the Year

With but hours to go.

Looking back on the past year.  Now there is a way to waste some time.  How about investing that time in looking forward to the next year, planning your moves to make it a good one.  What are you going to do in 2017 to make someone's life better?  How are you going to position yourself to be a positive influence on someone?  What can you do to make things better in this world?

We might start by giving up whining about the way things are.  We might consider being considerate.  We might stop thinking  only of self and think of the needs of others.  Cliches?  Sometimes the things we need most can be expressed in just such ways.  We have come to denigrate and disparage when we ought better to accept and encourage.  Accept "wrong"?  No, accept that it may be the case that I am not the only one who is right, that it may be the case that I am sometimes wrong myself.

The term a**h*le has become so common place that we should all be ashamed for using it and for allowing it to be used in print, in confrontation, and in conversation.  People are not a**h*les.  People are people.  People are flawed.  Are you not a flawed person?  People make mistakes; people behave stupidly.  People are often annoying.  But it is our role to live with them, even to care for them and to love them.  Difficult?  We've no idea until we try it.

Celebrate the beginning of a better world, a world that is better beginning with a better you!


Grace said...

Must you be so reasonable?

vanilla said...

Grace, LOL. I couldn't help myself after hearing and reading so much about what a terrible awful no-good year 2016 was. It got us here, didn't it?