Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sixty Years Ago

This date, 1955 I was wed to the woman who was to become the mother of my children.
We had twenty-four years together.

The gawky groom with his beautiful bride, Frieda. Sister Vee, Mother, Sister Ilene, Father

Mother and children, Portland, Oregon 1968
Delbert, Frieda, Kenny, Ivy, Ann Marie

Frieda Leamon Lacy 1928-1980


Vee said...

That was a special day for our family. You were a striking couple. As I recall, if you held your arm straight out Frieda fit perfectly beneath it.

Great picture of Frieda and your children.

Secondary Roads said...

What a nice ride in the Wayback Machine.

Lin said...

Aw, those are special memories. Thanks for sharing your special day.

Ilene said...

I love these pictures!

vanilla said...

Vee, I remember the day vividly, pretty much from start to finish. Not many days in ones life which are that memorable. And I am glad you are part of the memory.

Chuck, my "Wayback Machine" functions pretty well. Happy you rode along this time.

Lin, I am pleased to be able to share pleasant memories.

Ilene, I don't remember who the photographer was; but then, it is the bride who makes those arrangements! As for the snapshot, the photog was the family member absent from the picture.

Jim Grey said...

I love the look on your father's face in the wedding photograph. A mixture of pride and joy. What a wonderful memory to have.

I'm sorry you had to lose Frieda. I'm sure you've had an interesting and satisfying journey since, but what a terrible sorrow to experience.

vanilla said...

Jim, thank you. My father lived a life of true joy and it showed.