Friday, December 11, 2015

Heart of My Heart

I tend to be less forthcoming about my health issues but BBBH has plastered my "condition" all over her facebook page, so I might as well open up.

An earlier exception to my reticence was published here four years ago when I had the corneal tissue transplant because that is an interesting and relatively rare surgery, and besides the readers might have gotten a good laugh at the pictures of the swollen and bandaged me. 

I have according to my cardiologist a very strong heart but a seriously occluded aortic valve as well as some arterial narrowing in the heart.  Surgery is the only remediation.

I got a call today from the office of the cardiovascular surgeon.  They will see me on December 22.  The good news in this is that I will likely not be admitted for surgery before Christmas.  The bad news is that I will likely not be admitted for surgery before Christmas.

Further good news is that JoAnn's facebook friends and relatives have flooded her notes with good wishes and more importantly promises of prayers for our well-being.  This is appreciated immensely, more than I can tell.

Having started this here, I shall feel compelled to keep you updated.

Photo by BBBH,Galaxy S4, unbeknownst to the subject until it appeared on fb.


Jim Grey said...

The great thing about knowing about this is that I get to pray for you.

Grace said...

Unless there is a real urgency for the surgery (I looked it up and don't understand a word of it) you really don't want to have major surgery at this time of the year. First week of January would be better. I'm going to make the crazy mad assumption that medication and activity suggestions have been dispensed to get you through the next 3 weeks. But in any case, you will be in my prayers more actively than usual. (Sending the biggest, hugest hug - to you and BBBH)

Secondary Roads said...

Thanks to your BBBH, we started praying sooner than we would have otherwise.

vanilla said...

Jim, I truly appreciate that. Thank you.

Grace, your "mad assumption" is spot-on correct. I guess I will be more enlightened following the surgical consult. Thanks for the hereby reciprocated hug.

Chuck, prayers greatly appreciated. Thank you and Sylvia.

Vee said...

Thanks for your recent update. Keep the posts coming.

vanilla said...

Vee, I guess I have to now.

kc bob said...

Well wishes and prayers heading your way from KC.

Lin said...

Sometimes, I think the FB posts like these are for support. Maybe you don't need it (although I doubt it), but I'm guessing JoAnn does. Here's to prayers and love and success for the upcoming adventure. I'm glad you posted--it's good to have a team behind you praying.

vanilla said...

KCBob, I am blessed to have readers, friends I should say, who pray. Thank you for the prayers and good wishes.

Lin, I think almost everyone needs and appreciates support. It is hard for me to imagine someone who needs no one. Thank you for your support.