Sunday, October 6, 2013

New Resident

at Chez vanilla

Yesterday afternoon we had a pleasant drive to Lafayette.  But the trip was with purpose.  We went to pick up the dog, Weenie.  He is the most recent addition to the family.  Well, he has been in the family, just a distant relative, we'll say.  He belonged to a granddaughter who for reasons beyond her control is no longer able to provide the animal with the shelter, love and affection he needs.  So, Grammy, tender-hearted as she is, and vanilla, soft-headed as he is, volunteered to adopt the little beastie.

All three of us will have some getting-used-to-each-other to work through.

He seems quite a good dog, so long as plenty of affectionate attention is bestowed upon him.

By way of comparison, Weenie is perhaps a bit more than half the size of JJ whose visit here ended Wednesday afternoon.  The two of them will meet this afternoon.

Oh, too, we had a nice visit and dinner out with the eldest daughter whom we had not seen in several weeks.  It's all good.


Jim said...

A home always seems complete when it is shared with a dog.

Shelly said...

Sounds like a win/win. We, too, are getting a new family member next week: a baby blue heeler.

Grace said...

It is sad to hear your granddaughter is going through a rough patch but happy to hear her woofie is getting another good home.

When I was really little I became entranced by 'frankfurter' dogs. My Dad would say 'What kind of dog do you want?' and I would say 'A frankfurter dog!' and my Dad would say 'And where will he sleep?' and I would say 'In a frankfurter roll!' I remember my Dad and I doing this little routine all the time, tho I can't remember what would prompt it - maybe seeing a frankfurter dog...?

vanilla said...

Jim, we had been without a dog for 21 months, so I guess it was time to fill that void.

Shelly, oh, you are going to make him a partner in the cattle handling business!

Grace, good father-daughter routine. Bet you had other bits you did, as well.

Lin said...

HOORAY! How fun to have a Weiner Dog of your own!! I'm very excited to hear that you have a new dog friend. I look forward to hearing of your adventures together. :)

vanilla said...

Lin, I've spent only 24 hours with him, and I already believe we are destined to be good buds!

Sharkbytes said...

Glad to hear you have a little pal under your feet. It will keep you nimble.

vanilla said...

Sharkey, he will keep us on our toes.