Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ants, Leaves and Cornhusks

Sunny morning yesterday. Not warm, a bit breezy, but not bad for spring clean-up in the yard. So, the gloves, the rake, the sheet (for carting debris) and it's off to work I go. That is a significant statement, because I don't do much work anymore. The lion's share of the detritus requiring removal consisted of leaves from the neighbors' trees and corn husks. If you live downwind of Farmer Fred's southeast quarter, as I do, you know exactly what I mean. Those cornhusks gather on the leeward sides of the fences, under the bushes, and generally just about anywhere in the yard where it is difficult to get at them.

(I have ants in my computer. I just chased one across the keyboard with my left index finger, failing to skoosh it before it went down the ??/?. I had a momentary loss of functionality; and I greatly fear that the day will come that one of the little demons will destroy something vital. But I can't spray Raid down into the keyboard. Can I? How, you might wonder, did I get ants in the computer? So do I.)
Anyway, there is still lots of yard work to be done, but BBBH came in and said, "Wow. That front yard sure looks a lot better!" I live for such moments.


Lin said...

Parsley flakes. Ants hate them. I wonder if you can sprinkle those in there and suck them up later with the vacuum? I don't think they would do any damage.

Anonymous said...

Ants in your computer??? Really? Gotta laugh...

Vee said...

The ants are your early spring bonus. Only a few critters here in April - but also only a few warm days.

A pressurized can of air could be used to blow those little guys out of your keyboard. There's a commercial fix for everything. About four bucks for this one.

Sharkbytes said...

Can't the computer fight back? It has electricity for cryin' out loud!

vanilla said...

...and the awards of the day go to

Vee, for suggestion most likely to be offered by Office Max.

Lin, for suggestion most likely to add flavor to my computing.

Grace, for honesty in commenting. You all laughed, you know you did. But Grace was truthful.

Shark, for providing scientifically most logical expectation.

Where are you, Chuck?

Lin, "you don't think they'd do any damage." Does this mean it's an untested theory?

Grace, yes, really. Glad you found a chuckle here.

Vee, "a commercial fix for everything." The corollary for which is money will solve any problem?

Shark, you would think the little demons would "fry."

Secondary Roads said...

Sir! Chuck reporting for duty. Sir!

Must be some of those computer bugs we've heard so much about.

vanilla said...

Chuck, so glad you're back.
Yeah, they are bugs, all right.