Monday, April 26, 2010

They Do Grow Up

Nostalgia: Leafing through an old album, I found this image. It was taken at the annual in-our-backyard Easter Egg Hunt in 1995. This brought back memories, and offered me a perfect opportunity to give you an update on some of the grandchildren. This picture shows ten of my eleven grandkids at that time present for the festivities.
In front, white jacket is Jennifer. She is now a high school student and a cheerleader. To her right and your left is her sister Elizabeth who is a high school senior and has finally made her college choice after a very thorough, intense and harrowing set of visitations and serious consideration of her needs. She will be a freshman at Indiana University this fall.

Second row, left to right. Jeremy who is currently a student at Ivy Tech. Jordan is a production worker and the father of three children. Sheena is in the USArmy. Tasha is the mother of two children. Jeffery is at sea with the USNavy. David is the father of two. He has served a tour of duty in Iraq and is a city police officer. Janelle is the mother of three. The tall guy in back is Matthew who is an audio technician and the father of one little girl.
Note: Color coding indicates siblings.
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Andrea said...

WOW...wonderful kids/adults!

Lin said...

WOW! What a great group of kids you have there!! You must be very proud. I would like to see this photo re-staged today. :)

Vee said...

Cute bunch! They do grow up fast.

Secondary Roads said...

Thanks for sharing your grandchildren with us today. What a nice group of kids. You are blessed.

vanilla said...

Andrea--Thanks. I love 'em.

Lin--I wish I could re-stage this picture; but the likelihood in today's busy world is extremely slim. Then I'd like to have the grandkids that weren't "here" yet added, along with the greats...

Vee--They were cute, but they did grow up.

Chuck--Thank you. I am indeed blessed.

RamblinMan said...

This photo brought a rush of memories and a longing for old family photos. I too would love to have this re-staged and then everyone since then added, what a picture that would be. Our family is blessed indeed. Thank you again for such a wonderful trip down memory lane of days gone by.

vanilla said...

RamblinMan--Glad to oblige your nostalgia, Son. I would like to shoot the picture you suggest, but I'd need a really w-i-d-e angle lens!