Sunday, February 13, 2022

Joan of Shark #T

 My friend, Joan Young, a.k.a Joan of Shark, or Sharkey, left her home near Ludington, Michigan on December 1, 2021 to walk the North Country Trail in its entirety.  She has walked it before, but in bits and pieces encompassing the entire length, but this time she intends to complete it in one journey and has allotted herself a year in which to complete the trek. The NCT extends from Vermont to central North Dakota.  Look it up online. In preparation for her hike, Sharkey devoted considerable time to refurbishing a small travel trailer which she has dubbed "Sunny." She essentially rebuilt the entire vehicle from the ground up, doing virtually the entire job by herself.

Sharkey is a world's wonder.  Originally from Upstate New York, she now lives on Michigan's west coast.  But Indiana made a contribution to the woman she is today, for she took her baccalaureate degree from Taylor University at Upland, just up the road a piece.  Joan is a botanist with expanded interests into many areas scientific. She is a novelist and has published a number of mysteries. She is an avid and faithful blogger. 

You may follow Joan's NCT adventure at You will find an account of each day's adventures and the wonderful pictures she takes along the way. Joan has currently completed over 900 miles.




Lin said...

Shark is probably the most amazing woman I know. She never fails to wow me with the projects that she takes on AND accomplishes. While she is doing the hike, she is also the editor for my newsletter publication at work. If there is one second in the day, Shark is doing something! I am excited for her to be on this journey.

Nice to see you blogging. :)

vanilla said...

Lin, Shark is every bit as amazing as you suggest, and probably then some. As you suggest it is not simply that there is no challenge too daunting for her, but that she accomplishes her ends. I mean, Sunny, for instance. I would have tightened some screws, slapped on some paint, and hoped for the best. SHE rebuilt if from the ground up.

Blogging. Well, I used to post every day. I am averaging once a month over the past four months.

Kim S. said...

Yes, very nice to see a post. I'll be following the Shark adventure. Kim in PA

vanilla said...

Kim, you will find the experience delightful.