Saturday, February 13, 2021

Healthy Lifestyle

 I think we are infested with new tree ants: there B1 right there.  and there B6 more. I've not heard so much talk about vitamins and minerals since I was in third grade.  And trust me, these pills stink.  How could that be good for me? Well, people put lots of stuff past their nose to get it on the taste buds.  No accounting for tastes.  But in this case I try to sneak them past the taste buds.

What's he on about now? you might ask.  Things have changed around here since the meals are prepared by a health guru, a person who eats "clean" meaning everything is as near to 100% "organic" as possible.  I am not complaining.

I do seem to engage in the sin, venial, I hope, of drinking from the tap.  Water is supposed to come in bottles, don't you know?  Not happening.


Grace said...

We take a bunch of supplements which are all doctor 'prescribed'. The bottled water thing amuses me. The tap water here is undrinkable so we have a Brita water pitcher and I have glass water bottles that I fill from the Brita pitcher...saves money and keeps the plastic out of the landfill. I'm not a "green" freak but I am practical...

vanilla said...

The Guru does allow me to drink from the reverse osmosis filtered water tap but she reminds me now and then not to drink the water in the bathrooms. Give me a break. I get thirsty in the middle the night. Oh, I could take a page from your book and put r-o filtered water in a bottle and. ..