Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Young,The Elderly

Tuesday, senior night at the local eatery. Four of us at our table, same four who meet here virtually every Tuesday. Okay, there are many others who do this, too.  Next to us is a large table, young family of six, Mom, Dad, eldest child a boy of eight years, twins a boy and a girl about five, and a lad of say three years. It has been a pleasant meal, well-behaved children and so were their parents.

The family finishes their repast and prepare to leave. The eldest child shrugs into his coat and goes on ahead to the pie cooler next to the cash register. Dad follows with tab in hand. The tyke has kicked off his boots and while Mom is struggling to hold on to the child as she installs a boot, Sis crawls under the table to retrieve the other boot. Meanwhile the Boy Unit of the twin pair has put on his jacket and is standing in the aisle near our table. He seems fascinated with something as he intently looks at the four of us. I am seated in position to make direct eye contact with the Boy and as our eyes met I said, What?

You all have white hair! he exclaimed in apparent amazement.

It's okay, I quipped. You'll get there some day, too.

BBBH turned to the mother and said, It's Tuesday. It's a wonder everybody doesn't have white hair.


Secondary Roads said...

Used up all of the color.

vanilla said...

Chuck, only in the hair, or so I like to think!

Lin said...

Oh, that is funny!

Joe and I were intending to go see "1917" at the show last night. Before we left, I told him to order the seats online so we didn't waste time doing that when we got there. All sold out, except the first 2 rows! Joe said "What gives on a Tuesday night?" I replied "$5 ticket night. I imagine all the veterans are already there." I mean, who else is cramming the theater for a war movie?? We'll go next Monday, I suppose. And pay full price for an empty theater.

vanilla said...

Lin, gotta watch those dimes and dollars. BBBH expressed a desire to go to a Performance of Shen Yun which has been heavily promoted for February 8, 9 in Indy. She went online to check for tickets, said, Oh, well, didn't want to go anyway. $125/ducat.