Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Happy Anniversary, Darlin'

She gave this all up for me and nineteen years ago today we met at the altar and each of us said "I do."

To those who hoped she would be back at work by June that year, "Hah!"  We are starting our twentieth year today and we are looking back with thanksgiving, and otherwise we are looking forward to our next adventure.

Have we had some stuff?  Who hasn't had?

JoAnn recently commented on a facebook meme that no one had ever written to her a list of reasons why he loves her.  Really?  I told her I could not do that because it would require writing a definition of her.  That's it!  I love you, JoAnn, because you are you.


Grace said...

Happy Anniversary 🎉

Lin said... sweet! Happy Anniversary to a great couple that exemplifies that love is timeless!

vanilla said...

Grace, thanks. I got the post fixed with pictures and everything.

Lin, thank you. We keep working at it.

Secondary Roads said...

So very happy for both of you--and such a beautiful couple you are. Best wishes to you on this very special day.

vanilla said...

Vee, for some reason JoAnn liked the first picture better. Oh, I see; I wasn't in it. Actually what she said was that we had a lot of recent pictures that were "better." But, I told, we don't have one that is more the "real us."

Chuck, we accept and appreciate the good wishes.