Thursday, September 7, 2017

Disaster of the Heart

Received an email from son Carl a few minutes ago.  He labeled the picture "And the band played on-- or, What? Me worry?"

I see this photo as a perfect metaphor for the American view of life, 21st century.

My heart hurts.  There seems to be little concern for anything outside-- even steps outside-- the realm of personal gratification.  Even the news coverage of the multitude of disasters that are upon the country seems little more than entertainment-- reality shows designed by an anonymous producer for our amusement.  We have been entertained to the point of numbness, stupor, uncaring.

I hope I am wrong.


Jim Grey said...

What makes photos like this news is that they are aberrant on some level.

All of my children are Millennials. They are aged 32 to 16. (Well, I suppose the youngest is in the generation after the Millennials.) I see in them the same basic humanity as in my generation or in my parents' generation. I also see in them the same struggle to make sense of the world as it was when they came of age that my generation had, and that the generation before mine certainly had.

vanilla said...

Jim, it is a struggle to make sense of the world in which we live. I think I painted with too broad a brush here. Many have chosen and still choose the compassionate and caring pathway.

Secondary Roads said...

Please tell me that the photo was Photoshopped.

vanilla said...

Chuck, the picture(s) were taken by Kristi McCleur. She says they are undoctored. She was at a golf course in Washington State, the fire is in Oregon, the Columbia River between her and the fire.