Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fading Fall

The little ash, so colorful ten days ago, is now bare. The catalpa leaves were still green a week ago. Now, brown or gone.

We still have a few roses, though. This is "Simplicity." (Yes, I am that kind of guy.)

There are still a few snapdragons and dianthus bordering the walks.

The cherry's flaming glory has died down to a few "embers."

But the Bradford pear is quite gaudy!
Somehow I think that the colors will soon be all white, blue and shades of gray.


Anonymous said...

Ah, but how radiant it was while it lasted!

vanilla said...

Indeed, Jim. Was it JWRiley who said, "ain't God good to Indiana?"

Lin said...

Like you, I still have a few flowers hanging on! I admire their tenacity in the cold we've had recently. They were given a few warm days and some sunshine these past few days as their reward.

vanilla said...

Lin, I say bless the little snapdragons that plant themselves each year, for they hold winter back just a bit!