Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Passing Year

I first read this book by flashlight, under the covers, at age thirteen. I purchased it at Clausen's Book Shop, a place I frequented, salivating over the treasures; and when I had the funds purchasing one or two of them. I still have many in my collection.

The Passing Year

The Year's growing ashen, and weary and gray; full soon he will cash in, and mosey away. A while yet he'll totter along to his grave; he's marked for the slaughter, and nothing can save. The year that is leaving seems weighted with woe; and Nature is grieving because he must go. The forests are sighing and moaning all day; the night winds are crying, upon their sad way; the gray clouds are taking a threatening shape; the dead grass is shaking like billows of crape. Dame Nature is tender, and dirges she'll croon, regretting the splendor and glory of June; she knows that tomorrow the old year will sleep; she knows that the sorrow of parting is deep. In this world, O never can friends with us stay! Some loved one forever is going away! And that is the story of people and years; a morning of glory, an evening of tears; an hour of caressing, a call at the dawn, a prayer and a blessing, and then they are gone.

Uncle Walt (Walt Mason)
George Matthew Adams

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