Friday, September 4, 2009

Elmer Kelton

Elmer Stephen Kelton was born on a ranch in West Texas, April 29, 1926. I was introduced to his writing only recently. I found him to be both an entertaining story teller and a fine craftsman of the language.
Now, even while I am nearing the completion of The Smiling Country, the last of Mr. Kelton's Hewey Calloway stories, I learn of this author's death. According to the New York Times, he passed away in San Angelo, Texas on August 22.
Mr. Kelton was a prolific writer and stands with Cormac McCarthy and Larry McMurtry as being among the outstanding authors of the genre in our day.
Though he is gone, I personally have yet a large number of his books to enjoy, for thus far I have read only five of them!
Elmer Stephen Kelton 1926 - 2009 RIP

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