Friday, September 25, 2009

My Uncle Ben

Raymond Benson Lacy, or Ben B. Lacy as he is better known, was born September 25, 1919 in Wiley, Colorado.

Uncle Ben and Aunt Fern were dry land farmers on the high plains of Colorado for many years. Finally, though, they acquired irrigated acreage on the Arkansas River near Las Animas where they continued agricultural pursuits, but in a much different fashion. Uncle Ben served several years as Bent County Assessor. When they retired, they moved to an idyllic spot near the mountains.

Ben and Fern are musically gifted. Uncle Ben taught himself to play the fiddle and Aunt Fern plays piano and keyboard. They have provided music for community functions and church activities for many years. They continued their nursing home ministry well into their eighties, and only in the past two or three years have they not been able to continue that.

They have two wonderful children, a boy and a girl, both of whom, with their respective spouses, have provided them with grandchildren.

I caught Uncle Ben in his garage beside his BuickParkAvenue.
That is his wife of more than seventy years, Fern Hendrix Lacy, there with him.

HAPPY NINETIETH BIRTHDAY, UNCLE BEN! May the Lord's blessings and happiness be with you both. We love you.


Anonymous said...

You appear to have a long-life gene in your family!

Andrea said...

WOW...what a life and what a ministry. May GOD bless them both!

Blessings, andrea

Secondary Roads said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Ben. Hi Aunt Fern. God bless you both.

Vee said...

Great picture and account of Uncle Ben's life! At first glance I thought it was Dad.

vanilla said...

True, Jim. Many of the Lacy men as far back as seven generations have lived into their eighties. Dad died just a few months short of 89, but Uncle Ben is the first to reach ninety.

Thank you, Andrea. I forwarded your wishes to them.

And yours, Chuck. Blessings to you as well.

There is a strong family resemblence, Vee. I showed a picture of Grandpa to my kids a while back, and they thought it was their grandpa (Dad).

Silver said...

Family resemblance and family line of longevity ! It must be fun to be both musically gifted as well, huh.


vanilla said...

Silver, as for me, I like to sing. But do not play an instrument. Not so musically gifted myself.