Tuesday, September 8, 2009


What's this? For those of you who may be alien to Hoosier culture, it is herewith stated that it is practically a requirement in small-town Indiana to have a festival celebrating some aspect of the community. This should be an annual event. In Hometown, it is-- I am not making this up --The Tipton County Pork Festival. This truly qualifies as an annual event, for the preparations are underway in the shadow of the courthouse for the forty-first consecutive Pork Festival, which will take place Thursday through Saturday, September 10 - 12. I moved to town forty years ago this summer, and forty years ago this summer the very first one of these whingdings was held.
It is a time for street fairs, pigging out, literally, on pork products and whatever else the vendors can persuade you to buy. It is a time for music, a "Miss Tipton County Pork Festival Queen" contest, singing, dancing, car shows, rock bands and just about any kind of good, clean foolishness you can imagine.

There will be a "kickoff" parade at five Thursday evening, and a big (and I do mean big) parade Saturday afternoon which will last entirely too long for you to stand in one spot. Bring a chair, or walk around to keep the circulation going.
Okay, so come on over. Bring smiles and forget your diet; but most of all, bring money.


blushing rose said...

What fun! Share more pics.
Have a lovely week. TTFN ~ Marydon

vanilla said...

Marydon, we'll try to keep you updated!

Anonymous said...

I worked with a woman from Tipton at a job here in Capital City, and lemme tellya what, she would not miss the Pork Festival. Otherwise, you couldn't pay her enough to set foot in her hometown.

vanilla said...

Interesting, Jim. I choose to live here while I could in fact live anywhere I want. Well, perhaps with the exception of the French Riviera. Oh, wait. I don't want to live there anyway!

Lin said...

I LOVE these kinds of festivals! It looks like fun to me--be sure to post more photos.