Saturday, September 19, 2009

Salamonie Retreat

Our CCF met at Salamonie Reservoir this week. We arrived there Sunday afternoon and returned home Thursday afternoon. As usual a good time was had, at least by us, even if we cannot speak for 'all.' Hope everyone enjoyed it.
Purdue entomologist teaches us about the forty-seven varieties of fireflies. Or lightning bugs, since they are "lightning bug fireflies."

In the gardens at the Interpretive Center.

Beauties of God's creation and a warm, sunny day in which to relish them.
[More images on Monday.]


Sharkbytes said...

Oh ho! I know where you are. I went to Taylor many years ago.

vanilla said...

I have been on the campus many times. And many years ago, I had a young lady from Taylor doing her student teaching in my class.
Thanks for visiting, Sharkbytes.