Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunset Cruise

One of the highlights of the visit to Salamonie was a sunset cruise on the lake. We boated up the lake almost to the east end, then turned and cruised down to the dam. We were on the water over two hours and never a boring moment, because simply drinking in the sights, and the calm, made it a rich and fascinating experience.
Oops. Turn the camera around.
Pulling away from the pier.

Are they bitin'?Great Blue. He's 200 yards away and the little Canon 4mp strained really hard, but not bad.Oh, there's another one!
Enlarge him a little. Make him fuzzy, but there he is.

Timing of arrival at the dam was perfect. This is my favorite shot of the week.


Silver said...

The pic of the dam is lovely indeed!


vanilla said...

Thanks, Silver. And it was a picture-perfect week at the park.

Vee said...

Beautiful pictures!

Lin said...

Nice shot at the end! I love the "senior cruise" there! LOL!