Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Big Rides Setup; Main Street Blocked Off; Vendors Carts;
Sign; Kiddie Rides Ready; Mums for Sale


blushing rose said...

Love HOGS!! Come over & visit my piggy today. Have a great eve! TTFN ~Marydon

Lin said...

A kissing booth??! What?! I'm there--I hope the boys are cute. ;)

Andrea said...

My son has a harley. I grew up with motorcycles. I must admit I am nervous when I know my grown son is riding, but it is b/c others do not respect motorcycles on the road.

Sounds like a great event.
Blessings, andrea

vanilla said...

Marydon, I'm not so much into big cycles, though I do ride a bike and occasionaly a motorscooter. I do like your "piggy."

Don't know about the kissing booth, Lin; but come on over, I'm sure Pork Boy would give you a smoochie. You might even get your picture in the paper.

Andrea, big machines intimidate me, too. I think it is a result of the admonitions my mother gave me in my youth: Don't!