Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Person God Uses

The scripture lesson on which Pastor Doug's sermon was based this morning is found in The Acts of The Apostles, Chapter six, verses one through seven.

A basic dilemma in the church is the urgent vs. the important. Sorting this out is critical.

The individual church in which you participate is a local community of faith working together to build the Kingdom.

The person God uses is
1. a saved person. That person has a right relationship with Jesus.
2. a selected person. There are no volunteers in God's Kingdom, only the called.
3. a separated person. (v.6) The apostles "prayed, laid hands on them."
4. a sound person. They were "men of good report." They had a good reputation, were faithful and dependable.
5. a spiritual person. (v.3) The Holy Spirit is living in, filling them.
6. a sensitive person. One will be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. (One of the themes of the Bible is that God's ways are not man's ways.)
7. a steadfast person. One is not easily swayed by the events of life or ministry. (Heb. 11:6). One is not easily discouraged.
8. a servant person (v.7) Jesus came to serve and He commissioned us to serve also.

The result of service by persons used of God is growth of the Kingdom through salvation of souls.


JennyMac said...

Excellent post. And remembering the urgent vs. important is so wise. Have a great holiday weekend.

vanilla said...

Thank you, JennyMac. We could doubtless all benefit from differentiating more clearly between the urgent and the important. Hope you are having a restful, or exciting (according to your whim) labor day.