Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Reading

For my birthday, my eldest stepson sent me four Elmer Kelton books. I enjoy a good "Western," but have never considered the genre my favorite. BBBH, on the other hand, has read literally tons of them, along with an eclectic mishmash of tons of other things. (Did I ever tell you that she is an avid reader?) It won't surprise you if I tell you that she grabbed my birthday gift and started devouring them. At this point, I have finished two of them, she has read them all.

To the point, Carl has directed me a few times to an author with whom I was not familiar, as is the case with Elmer Kelton. And I cannot recall an instance in which he has given me a 'bum steer,' so to speak. A couple of other writers he has introduced me to are Mark Helprin and Cormac McCarthy. I believe the first McCarthy I read was All the Pretty Horses, the sixth of his ten published novels. It was not the last of his that I read. The Helprin introduction was by way of Winter's Tale, followed by A Soldier of the Great War.

Thanks, Carl, for directing me to some great reading!

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Andrea said...

It is awesome when our kids love books so much they start recommending them to us.

Blessings, andrea