Thursday, September 3, 2009

San Marino

I have been so distracted this week by the bathroom project, especially the frustrations attendant thereto, that I've about run out of ideas for blog posts. So here is another bit of "trivia." By the way, please note that "trivia" is dependent in large measure on one's perspective, the point of view from which he sees a thing. This item is not trivial to the thirty thousand people who live in San Marino.

At 23 square miles in area, San Marino is the world's smallest republic, and one of the world's smallest nations. It is completely surrounded by Italy. It boasts a population of about thirty thousand. Its currency is the euro. San Marino is a member of the United Nations.

Why today? Today is Saint Marinus Memorial Day. Saint Marinus was the founder of San Marino. Tradition says that September 3, 301 was the day of establishment, so this is San Marino's National Holiday.

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