Thursday, September 17, 2009

Momma, Oh Momma

When I was just a tiny young girl
My Momma dressed me up, put my hair all in curl
She put me on her lap and she held me real tight
And she rocked me to sleep every night

The one day she told my Daddy, she "had to be free"
Such pain, I did not know that included me
She said, "You and your Daddy and Big Sister too,
But I'll keep the Baby and we'll all make it through."

Oh, Momma, oh Momma, why'd you go away
Momma, oh Momma, please come back to stay
Oh Momma, oh Momma, all through the night
Momma, oh Momma, who will hold me real tight

Hearing the sound of the train whistle
As it was crying through the night
Over the hill and just out of sight
It seemed to say as it sped on its way

Momma, oh Momma, I needed you today
Momma, oh Momma, I needed you today

Excerpts from "Momma, Oh Momma" from Gifts from God
by Grace JoAnn Harrison
© 1995 Grace JoAnn Harrison

Used by permission.


Secondary Roads said...

You're on a sad theme this week. I can't even imagine the pain of a child whose mother leaves.

vanilla said...

Chuck, I was blessed with loving and caring parents (as you have gleaned from my posts from time to time), and I can't imagine this kind of pain, either.