Friday, September 18, 2009

Dog Visits Dog

We have a boarder, a house-guest who will reside with us for the next two weeks. His name is JJ. He is much more playful than Cookie is, but then relatively speaking it is pup vs. codger. They get along well. Cookie ignores the antics.

This dachshund stands eight inches at the withers, he is 34 inches long, tip-to-tip.

You may think he is blobbing out here, but no, he is walking past the camera.

Notwithstanding his short legs, he can easily access furniture, including not just the seat and the arms, but the backs of the sofas as well. And to afford himself a better view of the outside world, he will go there if not deterred by the watchful eye of the host or hostess.
Like his canine host, Cookie, JJ is a good dog.


Silver said...

Oh my! Soooooo cute!

You got me smiling on the word 'blobbing'.. it does like a ltitle like he's in the water ..blob..blob blobbing away.. ;P


Lin said...

Oooooh, you get to say "Wiener Dog" a billion times in the next two weeks! You can't be said and say "Wiener Dog"--try it. It just makes you laugh. I know because we dog-sit Sammy The Wiener Dog. Have fun!

vanilla said...

Silver, do keep smiling. Have a great week.

Lin, "Wiener Dog" is laughter provoking, isn't it? We have a granddaughter who has a wiener dog and she named it --wait for it--
"Wiener." So whether she calls it, chastizes it, or caresses it, she gets to call it "Wiener." She must laugh a lot. I remember your adventures with Sammy The Wiener Dog.