Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1 in History

September 1 is the anniversary of numerous significant events. We will touch here on three of them.

First, on this date in 1715, King Louis XIV of France died after a reign of 72 years, the longest reign of any major Western World monarch.

Louis Quatorze, 1638 - 1715.

Second, on September 1, 1914, Martha, the last of the species Ectopistes migratorius, died in the Cincinnati Zoo at age 29. The passenger pigeon which is thought to have been the most numerous of all birds at one time had been hunted to extinction.
Credit: The Passenger Pigeon Society. (www.passengerpigeon.org)

"Hello Darlin'." Finally, on this date in 1933 country singer Harold Lloyd Jenkins was born in Friars Point, Mississippi. You either like "country" or you don't, but this gentleman had a fantastic voice. He was an outstanding entertainer.

Conway Twitty, 1933 - 1993 RIP

[September 1 credit: Wikipedia]


Andrea said...

Thank you!

Shinade aka Jackie said...

What a wonderful and interesting post. I am a trivia and history nut so I love this sort of stuff.

My mother was born in 1914 and had the privilege of seeing, meeting and yes even dating one of the old C&W stars.

She lived in Shreveport for a brief period and was born in Joaquin Texas which is right on the LA. border.

Tex Ritter is related to us through his first marriage to my mother's 1st cousin. So Jack Ritter was actually my 3rd cousin. But, I never met him.

Also my mother dated one of The Wilburn Brothers long before they were famous.

Many have no clue who they are but they did have a very successful C&W show that ran on t.v. around the same time as The Porter Wagnor show was running.

I am not much a fan of the old C&W sound. I think simply because I listened to it all of my entire younger years.

I do prefer the new sound. But, i do love Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Loretta Lynn and of course Patsy Cline.

I hope you have a great day!

Secondary Roads said...

Conway was more than C&W. A very gifted performer who endured and overcame success.

vanilla said...

You're welcome, Andrea, and thank you.

Jackie, I can't remember the name of one of the Wilburns, Doyle and ?

My wife is related to Roy Acuff about the same way you are related to Ritter. Her sister was married to a first cousin. But we never met Roy.

In your last paragraph, you named four of the very best, in my opinion.

Chuck, too right you are. Conway was much more than country.